Five Minute Impact: Colleen Quill

Five Minute Impact: Colleen Quill

If you’re managing an artist or you’re an artist doing things on your own, then things can start to stack up quickly. Ever hop onto something like Facebook or Twitter and think, “I do this every day for my own life so why is it so hard to do for my music?” We get it. We totally, totally get it. That is why DashGo is launching Five Minute Impact with experts where together we’ll teach you the best ways to make an impact and grow your fan base in that five minutes you would have spent staring at your screen in panic mode.

Our first guest is Colleen Quill, marketing expert and owner of the popular Elle (we know you’re really jealous that her dog has more follows than you, we are too). Colleen has been in the entertainment industry for 10+ years with experience in every aspect you can imagine. She is currently living in the UK and freelancing for some major clients, such as NBC Universal. With that experience, it is a no-brainer that we reached out to Colleen to find out the best ways to build amazing social media accounts.

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This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity. The whole interview with ums, likes, and ohhs can be listened to right here.

DG Jenn: Is it more important to be on as many social media sites as you can or to just be on one and do as well as you can with just one?

Colleen: I think it is important to do well on one, but you do need if you’re big one is Instagram then you need a Facebook just even if you put it as private. If you do a business page for your Facebook that will allow you to set up an Instagram business account and that will give you more data. You REALLY need the data and I know that sounds very boring, but you need the data to see what’s doing performing and wants not reacting, then pivot that way.

One of the best things I can say is to start demographically. If you’re not making music for teenagers, then should you really be on Probably not.

DG Jenn: Do you think it’s important for artists to be early adopters?

Colleen: It depends on how they are on that site and it depends on what that site is for. I think it’s relevant when you are looking at the demographics. Think about is that platform right for me? is the perfect example. It has a lot of buzz, has so many active users, but has a high churn right. So, are you going to build an existing audience, are you going to have enough content, is that content long enough to capture people’s interest or are you going to try to break through on a site where you know you’ll do better?

*She suggests YouNow for people that are great at jam sessions

DG Jenn: Do you think it’s hard to pull yourself away from being just a YouTube star or a person?

Colleen: I think it can be challenging, but if you have an overall vision of your tone, your mood, who your audience is, then there is an opportunity to say, “I’m going to expand now.” It’s a progression, so you have to look and you have to know the content on each platform is different. It’s knowing about what content resonates on what platform and knowing where you want to resonate. I also believe in cross-platform promotion. So, if you know that if you won’t use Twitter much, then pin a tweet to the top that says, “Find me on Instagram where I’m more active.”

*Look to Cameron Dallas for someone that has transitioned through different sites as he has grown

DG Jenn: Do certain genres perform better on certain social sites?

Colleen: I think it’s really interesting because you can say that pop always does well. The top people on Instagram are Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber, but look at setting your tone on any social. Find your color palette and stick to it. Once you build up a following, then you’ll be able to find that certain things lift. So, have a strong visual and know your parameters. DON’T TAKE SELFIES. I know authentic is always a term people use, but you’re not a Kardashian. If you want to be taken seriously as an artist, then have a strong visual to match.

*Check out the XX to see an Indie artist doing an amazing job with their Instagram

DG Jenn: What are the best ways to start building a voice or a brand on Twitter?

Coleen: First, musically, you might fall into a certain category. Say you’re a rock artist and you more align with U2. IF you’re a baby U2, then you don’t necessarily want to look and feel like U2. There are always the rulebreakers. You want to follow and get the algorithm to be associated, but you don’t want to look like them. You can tap into existing hashtags. I would also get on Spotify and create playlists. It’s a great way to show who your musical inspirations are. When of the best ways to showcase new songs is to intersperse them with popular songs. Use what your passions are.

*Music Monday is one hashtag all artists should be using

DG Jenn: Do you have any artists that you love what they’re doing with social media?

Collen: James McVey & Selena Gomez. Burberry’s account even though they aren’t with music they brought music into their space. They are all very clear in their vision of what their brand is. (We know you want to hear more why she thinks these people are killin’ it. It’s at 16:54 in the interview)

DG Jenn: Finally, three things every artist should be doing on social media and three things that should NOT be doing.

Coleen: It’s like all bets are off right now because even the people that are controversial it’s working for them.

Should Not:

  1. Post anything about abusing drugs
  2. Don’t be committing crimes (pranks are okay)
  3. Share your opinions without a plan or without being able to take some backlash


  1. Show your humanity
  2. Engage with your fans
  3. Be genuine, but you don’t have to reveal everything about yourself

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